Established in 1995, Beautkey Advertising Company Ltd. is a member of Guangdong Advertising Association. The company has four branch offices located in Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing respectively and a fifth Dico Gifts Company. It is a comprehensive professional advertising company providing a full range of services including planning, design, development, manufacture, installation, display, maintenance as well as various gift items. The company’s manufacturing center is based in Dongguan, a famous manufacturing city in South China.

  Beautkey Advertising Co., Ltd. is one of members of Guangdong Provincial Advertising Association, is qualified in issuance of various Advertising business in the state. The company possesses a large group of youthful and long-head talents, and there are 12 persons with the qualification of provincial class Advertising examination. Now it has 120 employees, the office area is up to 1,000m2, and the area of its own factory is 7,000m2. Since its establishment, based on its powerful strength, it has obtained outstanding performance either in internal management or service for customers. It has successfully made many projects concerning CI introduction and design and fabrication for some domestic large-scale and medium-scale enterprises in bank, insurance, mobile communication, petrochemical and aviation. It has made positive contribution for development of social commonweal and cultural undertaking.
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